Monday, December 22, 2008

Rays power bat options

The Rays have several free agents on their radar this offseason, looking for a power bat to DH and be able to play in the outfield if necessary. The Rays front office have already talked with Milton Bradley and Jason Giambi, and have expressed interest recently about former Phillie Pat Burrell. Other free agents available Bobby Abreu, Adam Dunn, and Garret Anderson. I can see anyone of these willing to come to Rays, although most will have to take a considerable pay cut. I will go over each of these players and project their performance as a Ray and how to get them here.

Milton Bradley is very high with the Rays, a high on-base guy and low cost. Last season was is best, with a .321/.436/.563 line, and career highs in homers, RBIs, walks, runs, and batting average. Bradley is a switch hitter, and hits a little better against righties than lefties, so no need for consistent platooning. Although, he has a past of personality issues, injuries, and inconsistent production. He is kind of a risk player because of his injury history and how well he can mold with the clubhouse. Bradley made $5.25 million, highest for his career, and should expect to make a little more than that with the Rays. If he can play the whole season expect close to his performance last year, he can hit about a line of .300/.400/.550, 20 homers, and 30 doubles. He may not be able to start in the outfield on a consistent basis, but he play all three positions and be able to play about 20-50 starts in the outfield depending on his health. His performance would depend on his health and his role in the clubhouse. Milton Bradley may be the easiest to sign for the Rays, probably a contract of 2-3 years, and average of $5-6 million a season, and expect lots of incentives in that deal.

Up next, Jason Giambi.

Information gathered from FanGraphs, Baseball-Reference.

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