Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Rays reveal possible sites for a new stadium in Pinellas County

The Rays revealed a 64 page report to the ABC baseball colation on seven possible for baseball stadium, all in Pinellas County. Aaron Sharockman has read the report and concludes the best site for a stadium is in 15 acres near the intersection of Ulmerton Road and Carillon Parkway. This is what the Rays believe is central in location to the greatest population and doesn't need additional infrastructure or parking. The stadium is also going to be a retractable roof and not an open air stadium. Here are two pictures showing the best possible site from the report in two views. The first is the area where I believe the 15 acres is located, which may be on the other side of Ulmerton, and the second is view of the entire greater Tampa Bay are and the three major sports venues.

From The Rays Party of America
From The Rays Party of America

It is more convenient drive for Hillsborough County residents and Northern Tampa Bay.

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