Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Baldelli has new Diagnosis

The Rocco Baldelli story just got better as the the diagnosis changed to the less severe condition called channelopathy. Baldelli original diagnosis earlier in spring training was a severe mitochondrial disorder that is related to muscular dystrophy. Channelopathy is treatable and less severe so Baldelli may get better but not close to his playing condition his first two years with the Rays. Baldelli was declined is 2009 option and is currently a free agent. The Rays are interested in bringing him back after they look at their need for a big bat. A good thing to re-signing Baldelli is that he still can hit for power and that is condition to play in the outfield should only get better in some degree. He would also be a cheaper option and maybe allow the Rays to sign another big name reliever.

Another post later on today. 

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