Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Rays Power Options- Adam Dunn

Continuing are look at the big bat free agents on the market with outfielder Adam Dunn.

Adam Dunn is a big dude, at 6'6'' and 240 lbs., he can hit one of the longest home runs in the Majors right now. Hittracker lists Dunn as the player with the longest average distance for home runs last season. A hitter who always takes a big cut at the ball, a swing or miss hitter. Dunn has five straight 40 homer seasons, five straight 100 walk seasons, and five straight 164 strikeout seasons. Here is a chart of his five past seasons.

Dunn does have a good eye, but when he swings, he usually swings for the fences. Against lefties, he isn't that good, but isn't to far off what he hits from right handers. The other side of the field, his defensive abilities aren't that great. He has switched from outfield to first base a few times in his career, an has perform below average at each position. He can play both left and right, and has career .969 fielding percentage when paying in the outfield.

A few reports say that Dunn wants a long term deal. I don't see the Rays wanting that type of hitter to play long term for them, especially if he is only a free agent. Dunn will get around the $13 million he got last season for whichever team he signs with.

His specialization is to hit the long ball, and could hit 40 HRs a year, a get close to .400 in on base percentage. But he will strikeout a lot, though his strikeout to walk ratio has improved slightly over past few years. Don't see the Rays going after him, he doesn't fit the mold of being a hitter to drive in runs with runners on, which the Rays struggled last year.

Up next Garrett Anderson.

Information gathered from FanGraphs, Baseball-Reference.

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