Monday, December 29, 2008

Hall of Fame Voting


This isn't necessarily on topic, (the topic isn't happening), but the Hall of Fame is the highest achievement a baseball player can get, next to a World Series ring. This is a list of of who I would vote for I had a ballot.

Player Why?
Rickey Henderson Best base runner ever, best on-base man ever
Andre Dawson Deserves entry
Bert Blyleven Underrated pitcher, great curveball
Tommy John Lots of wins, first to have his own surgery
Lee Smith Lots of saves
Jim Rice Deserves entry, got really close last time
Tim Raines the only guy to get close to Henderson

Rickey Henderson is going to get in definitely, and Jim Rice because he got so close last time. Dawson and Blyleven will get closer but probably not the 75% of the vote.

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