Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Get these guys-The Middle Infielders

Continuing our look at the available players that the Rays could sign as minor league free agents, today the middle infield.

Don Kelly- A tall shortstop that hits more like Jason Bartlett, Kelly has played 8 seasons in the minors and a stint with the Pirates in 07. Kelly is a contact hitter who can also walk more than he strikes out. His primary position is at shortstop but is used as a utility player in the minors, playing all four infield positions, playing decent at each position. Another player to compete for the Rays minor league utility position.

Bobby Scales- Another minor league veteran, Scales(pictured below) primary position is second base but has played in the outfield in as many games as second. Scales is a switch hitter and hits about the same on both sides, slightly better as a right handed hitter. He has started to hit for more power recently but has increased his strikeout rate in addition. Not too good but adequate filler at Durham.

Erick Almonte- The best option for a shortstop injury backup in AAA, Almonte has had two stints in the Majors including starting 29 games at short for the Yankees in 2003. Improved his plate discipline, power numbers, and his defense in the past several seasons. He probably won't fit with the Rays because they got Brignac at short but he is worth a look.

The Rays don't have much need for too many middle infielder, just one that can play shortstop in case of injury(it is hard to find good backup shortstop).

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