Thursday, January 8, 2009

Get these guys- The Outfielders

The Rays have already added two more outfielders to minor league contracts but they still one or two more to that duo. There are a few guys still left that have major league experience and are capable of being a fourth or fifth(NL team) outfielder. The Rays are packed with guys able to come up as a backup outfielder. This just helps with the competition and if an injury occurs a reliable backup.

Moises Alou- Yes he is old, coming of multiple injuries, and decreased production, but he could prove useful if he is willing to join on a minor league contract. Alou may opt for retirement than play in the minors, so it is worth a shot to discuss a comeback.

Scott Podsednik- Maddon will like his speed, Podsednik doesn't have an high OBP to used as a good bat off the bench, he can pinch run for the Burrell or Aybar. If the Rays want a speedy backup, they might go with Fernando Perez who is younger and has better upside.

Chris Snelling- The Rays could give Snelling a second chance, he has a high OBP and plays above average defense. But like Podsednik, the Rays may prefer Perez of Snelling.

Chris Aguila- Has some pop in his bat hitting 29 homers at Triple-A New Orleans last season. He also hits lefties pretty well with over a thousand OPS last year. Aguila does have major league experience and has the ability to play all three outfield positions.   

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