Thursday, January 8, 2009

Rocco becomes a Red Sox

According to ESPN's Peter Gammons, Rocco Baldelli is close to a deal with his hometown team the Boston Red Sox. The deal is suppose to be announced Thursday night at baseball writers dinner where Rocco Baldelli is receiving the Tony Conigliaro award. There were reports today that the Reds and Pirates were very interested in Baldelli, but the Red Sox came back after the free agent market started to dwindle. The Red Sox would be the team other than the Rays more likely to sign Baldelli.

Unfortunately, Rocco is leaving to play with rival Red Sox but it is a big career move for Rocco going back to his hometown team which has followed since childhood. I rather the Rays re-sign him not only because he is a fan favorite, but for his bat and talent. We can only wish him the best and see him when we play this season.

Here is his World Series home run, his best of his career.

Farewell Rocco!

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